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What is the Public Network?




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Networks  » Public Network

Public Network


   What is the Public Network?

 The Public Network is a great tool to create, share, or comment on public posts that are not limited to a members using My Network (followers) feed. This is a great resource for members to reach out to a larger audience when they have content that needs maximum exposure. This network is an excellent tool for marketing or reaching people you normally wouldn't have access to. 


 The Public Network is a fantastic tool for new members who've just joined and haven't friended anyone yet. Unlike other social media sites, you have instant content. Once you've followed members you can fill your news feed with My Network content and switch over to your other networks anytime you like. 


  How does the Public Network work?


 When wanting to view the Public Network, simply click on the link located below your "Post Something" activity feed field. See the image below.




 When creating content to the Public Network, simply click on your "Post Something..." activity feed to create content. 





Before posting, select the network you would like to share content to by choosing the Multiple Networks button. 





  The Public Network is NOT for advertising products or services. If you would like to advertise, please click here, or you may create a Page to advertise. Do not post Pages content to the Public Network. 


 The great part about the Networks is, it keeps your “My Network” clutter free of nothing but the content that your friends post or share. You can view the networks of your choosing when you want. If you get tired of friend drama, or just want to see what is happening in the feed of your interest, you click on it from the menu on your activity feed.


 If you want to see posts from people in the Public Network to see what is new, you can easily switch from My Network to the Public Network. Once you are done there, you can select any other type of network chosen during the signing up process.


 Anytime you want to add to or remove yourself from a network, all you have to do is update your profile. How do you do that, you may ask? That’s easy. Click here for an easy tutorial on Edit My Profile




Happy Networking!




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