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Schmules, a social networking site created and hosted in America. Woman owned. Created for Farms and Ranches, but made for everyone. We are Freedom of Speech and Privacy advocates. Our members content is their own. No facial recognition, no algorithms to control what do and do not see. No fact checking. No data collection from third-party apps and website activity. No altered Networks (activity feeds) that level your posts to minimize or maximize your viewer content. Easily create content, comment, or share with one click. 



How many times has someone sent you a friend request, but you didn’t want to see their content? How many times has someone followed you, but you didn’t want them to, because you had photos of your children, or a significant other you may not have wanted them to see, but you didn’t know how to work the privacy features to set that up? On Schmules, we Follow one another, but only those that we want to see our content. Once you request to follow, a Follow Request is sent to the member. Approval is up to them. If they want to Follow you, the same process is repeated. You are not forced to see their content with a two-way friendship. If a member annoys you, use our Unfollow and Block feature. Please see our Terms of Service for more.


Schmules is monetized! How many times have you felt like you should be rewarded for referrals? Through our Affiliates app, you can share your Affiliate link and when your referral creates an ad, you get credits. Credits equal cash! As we grow, we will monetize Pages activity and Pages videos as soon as we possibly can. Help us get there!


With Schmules you can join and create FREE GroupsPage DirectoriesClassifiedsBlogsCareer CenterDatingRecipesGarage Sale ListingsPetitionsEventsPolls, and so much more.



Every app on Schmules is free to use with ads displaying. Do you dislike ads? Sometimes, we do too! With our Subscriptions app, you can change your membership type and get all the same features without the ads. All for less than a cup of coffee, that’s good for a whole month. Cancel at any time.



Do you want to private message without having to use a separate app from the app store? Great, we have that!



Enjoy connecting with like-minded followers in our Groups app.

In Groups, members can create and join unique groups for whatever your passion is.

  • Visually appealing capabilities to highlight your group
  • A real forum within each group for common info that typically gets lost in activity feeds. Point new members right to the forum data
  • Create photos, videos, services, topics, polls, files & selling
  • Link groups and crosspost
  • Easily assign Group Roles for Admins, Moderators, Marketers, Editors & Contributors



The Pages app is a fantastic way to share your business or creative talents.   

  • Featured and Sponsored pages for higher visibility
  • Create unique posts, photos, videos, promotions, topics (a real forum!), notes and more
  • Comment, Like, Favorite, Share or Review with one click


How about a forum within your Groups or Pages to answer the same old questions that people ask, over and over? Say you have a group that discusses homeopathic remedies, but new members can't or won't search through the long list of posted threads to find what they need. No worries! We have a forum where you can post everything you need and your members can add to it in the "Post Reply, or create their own forum thread. Members can even rate the forum topic, quote a section, add a reputation, and so much more. Did we mention you can even change font color, family, style, align text, add photos, hyperlinks and even more? Well, you can!



 Our Classifieds app is a feature rich method of selling your products.

  • Free 60-Day, unlimited classified ads
  • Easy creation of Sponsored or Featured classifieds for improved visibility
  • Categories and sub-categories to locate products of interest
  • Search by category, product, proximity and more



 Reach out to a whole new audience with our Blogs app.

  • Easily create informative and content-rich blogs that reach out and captivate your audience
  • Comment, Like, Favorite, Share or Review with one click
  • Browse and Follow your favorite contributors



 The Career Center app is designed for members and professionals alike.

  • Check out business and member profiles with one click
  • Profile, apply, or review business or applicants with one click
  • Browse by Jobs, Job Types or Companies



How about a visually appealing Dating app without the lure of one-month free? Yep, we’ve got that! And, it's always free.

  • Easily find the category and age group of your choice
  • Scroll through photos of people you're interested in and Like, Favorite, Share or write Reviews
  • Connect by personal message, or you can comment on their dating profile



With our Recipes app, you can create and share tasty dishes!

  • Create content rich recipes with photos and cooking instructions
  • Recipes you create are one click from viewing in the My Recipe tab, so you can easily locate them
  • Subscribe to your favorite Recipe creators
  • Comment, Like, Favorite, Share or Review recipes with one click



Have you ever wanted to find local Garage Sales?

  • One-click locations or proximity search to see Garage Sales near you
  • Browse by photos and contact members when you see something you may like
  • Comment, Like, Favorite, Share or Review with one click



How many times have you wanted to make a change? With our Petitions app, you can do just that.

  • Create a reason for your Petition with documentation and links
  • Enable support with the Petition owner and Decision Makers
  • Establish a description and overview
  • Set your signature goal
  • Share and garner signatures



When get-togethers are important to you, create dynamic Events with our app.

  • Create content-rich events
  • Chose between Public or Private events
  • RSVP options
  • Privacy options



Whose opinion counts? Find out which opinion gets the most results with our Polls app.

  • Poll title and description options
  • Possible Answer options with photo capability
  • Easy to share and get poll results



 Interact socially on our Shout-Out app. It’s like a real-time chat room.

  • Real-time Shout-Out's to immerse in a social environment



We've also implemented a few things other social media sites don't have. How awesome would it be to see a news feed of your favorite hobby or interest? Yeah? Well, we have that! Anything from networks for building and creating things to sports and activities, as well as everything in between. We call them Networks of Interest. There are even some hidden Networks of Interest for the Special Operations community. It's a fantastic way of networking privately with those you've served with.

 Once posts are created in them, everyone will have completely separate newsfeed of just what you want to see. Escape from the friends and family drama for a while and immerse yourself in your passion. See a full listing of the Networks of Interest from your edited profile, or to update your choices, click here

When you sign up, you can choose your favorites. Change them at any time. We have subcategories in each of the following Networks of Interest:

  • Animals
  • Armed Forces
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Collecting Things
  • Constructing
  • First Responders
  • Fitness
  • Food & Beverage
  • Motorized
  • Outdoors
  • Self Interest
  • Sports
  • Media

 Once logged on, you can select the menu from under the “What’s New” posting options and select between the My Network, Public Network, or click the More option for the networks you chose.



We even have a Public Network. Have you ever wondered why other social media sites allow you to post to the public when it doesn't emit publicly? People you aren't friends with must visit your profile or follow you to view public posts. Not on Schmules! You don't have to be following to see a feed full of public posts. It's a great way to find members to follow and see what's happening publicly. 

 We give you options to either post to your Followers, the Public Network, or the Networks of Interest you chose when signing up. If all you want to see is football, then peruse the Football Network, or post, comment or share from it. It’s that simple. You have so many choices with Schmules. Try it today!

Have you ever wanted to give a good, bad or indifferent vote to a person you've dealt with? Not a business, but a person. Yeah, we've got that too.

We give you options to either post to your Followers, the Public Network, or the Networks of Interest you chose when signing up. If all you want to see is football, then peruse the Football Network, or post, comment or share from it. It’s that simple. You have so many choices with Schmules. Try it today!




Content that is NOT protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution is speech containing the following:  

  • *Abuse
  • *Blackmail
  • *Defamation (including libel and slander)
  • *Fighting words (language intended to incite a breach of peace)
  • *Fraud
  • *Inciting violence (imminent lawless action or clear and present danger)
  • *Incitement to suicide
  • *Nudity - even though Schmules is an adult only (age 18+) site, we do not allow nudity (exception: works of art, illustrations meant to educate, or text book historical reference)
  • *Perjury
  • *Plagiarism or intellectual property rights that are copyrighted or trademarked
  • *Pornography
  • *Solicitation to commit crimes

 Any content containing the above will be removed from the site, as well as the member, and may include all others with a shared IP address, depending on the content and their profile. For more information about our Terms of Service, that every member must agree to in order to utilize this site, please visit our Terms of Service page: https://www.schmules.com/help/terms 



At Schmules, we believe our members should have a voice and that their content is their own. We also don't agree with web browsers or public forums (social media) creating algorithms to manipulate what you do or do not see, or what can or cannot share. At Schmules, we do not manipulate the feed so you only see certain member’s content. What you see is what members you follow post. Period. 




Schmules has implemented an Affiliates program where referring members are rewarded when their referrals purchase an ad. As Schmules grows, we plan to implement a rewards program for Pages and videos. The program will be similar to the rewards earned on other social media, and YouTube. As soon as we can implement this for our members, we will. To locate your Affiliate link, visit our Affiliates page: https://www.schmules.com/affiliates/help . For this site to be successful, don't just sign up and stalk the people you follow. Engage, post, comment, and share. 



Schmules is 100% free to use with a regular membership that includes ads. Ads help us at Schmules to pay for Developers to improve site features for you, and for expensive servers that contain your content. For those that do not want to see ads, they have the option to upgrade their membership, which is cancelable at anytime. To Subscribe and not see ads, please visit the subscription area: https://www.schmules.com/payment/settings 




We at Schmules are privacy advocates. Your information is never shared, not even under torture. It is our belief you should be able to enjoy your social media experience, so we hope you chose Schmules for that experience. With that being said, bring all your friends over so you can post, comment and share together. 




For more information about our Terms of Service, that every member must agree to in order to utilize this site, please visit our Terms of Service page: https://www.schmules.com/help/terms 




If at anytime you need to contact the administrator, we will respond as soon as we possibly can. Until then, enjoy! 




Rules Schmules! We don't need all those stinkin' rules!
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